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Rock the Gown, Not a Frown!

With a lifetime of expectation and hype giving your wedding day momentum, the chances of suffering a few minor disappointments are relatively high. That is, unless you understand that no day can play out perfectly like it has done in your head. With that being said, there are a few ‘wedding hacks’ to ensure that you at least look and feel your best to deal with anything that comes your way on the special day.

Get Those ZZZ’s

There are two things that are out when it comes to bridal looks: ‘bride-zillas’ and ‘the zombie bride’. A lack of sleep will certainly lead you into the role of either one, or worse still, a frightening combination of both. The night before your wedding is not the time to be worrying about all the finicky details. It is a night to rest and truly get that beauty sleep, with everything prepared well in advance.

Fluidity Needs Fluids

To be adaptable and ready-for-anything on your day, be sure to drink plenty of water the day before and the day of. Being dehydrated will leave you looking, feeling and even interacting, well, dry! Water is also one of the best ways to combat puffiness; that includes those undesirable under-the-eye bags.

The Dress is Everything

What is true to the fantasy is that stepping out in a dress that accentuates you and makes you feel beautiful will be one of the biggest moments of your life. It is important to ensure that you have done extensive dress shopping which has led you to the perfect dress and the perfect accessories. Ensure that your dress is kept somewhere safe so that there are no mishaps before it’s your time to shine!

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Picking the perfect dress for your big day



Falling in love is a magical and beautiful event. Time to start planning your big day. Every girl’s dream is trying on those stunning gowns and picking the absolutely perfect one for you! It’s been in our minds since we were little girls, time to make it a reality.

Choosing the perfect cut for you.

There are hundreds of designers, thousands of stores and piles of styles. Where to start? Start by booking that first appointment, it totally helps if they serve champagne, it’s worth celebrating. You always had that one design in mind that you loved, try that one on first and then compare all the others to that first dress. Your mind will change many times and you most likely will pick a dress you would never try out.

Our advice, try them all on, as many styles as you can, boob tube, sweet heart neck line, Ball gown, thin straps, wedding dresses with a train or even mermaid styles. Go crazy over dresses, after all you generally only get married once.

Things to remember.

All stores have rules and regulations. With such variety in dresses, dress stores normally only keep one size in each dress, allowing you to choose your wedding dress and then get it ordered or altered, remember this takes time. If a store kept all dresses in all styles for every designer it would be havoc.

Some bridal stores allow you to try on dresses by appointment only. This is professional and gives them a chance to have their full attention all on you. You are the star of the show!

More often than not sample dresses are not for sale therefore if you love a dress it may have to be ordered for you.

Do they offer more than just wedding gowns?

What better way to shop than to have all you need in one place; I call that convenient? A bridal shop with wedding dresses, flower girl dresses, bridesmaid dresses, veil’s, accessories and shoes. The world is your oyster, you can mix and match as you please. Go have a ball and try them all.

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Picking a dress for your fairy-tale wedding? Let’s explore your options.

Now you are happily engaged to the man of your dreams, time to look for your wedding dress! Planning a wedding can be stressful, costly & time consuming. Picking the perfect wedding gown for your body shape & type can be daunting.

Various colours, sizes, textures, beading & lace, there are thousands & to be quite honest the style you have in mind might be the exact opposite to your final design you choose.

How to pick the right bridal store?

You want to try on as many styles as possible to figure out which dress complements your body & which to stay away from, after all it’s a huge decision & you only get married once.

It helps having a professional to assist not only with choosing your wedding dress but helping you try them on the right way with the correct veil, accessories & shoes.

Where to try on wedding dresses?

When trying on wedding dresses, bridal shower dresses or flower girl dresses, the main idea is to get all you need in one place, convenience for everyone is key! The more variety to pick from is a plus! Helpful & friendly staff always make your experience worthwhile.


Do they offer alterations in store?

Remember this is your special day, that wedding dress needs to fit snug & perfect. Check with the store manager if they do alterations. Once you have bought the dress, this will give you peace of mind that your dress can be altered to your liking.


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