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Deciding on a wedding dress for your big day.

With so many choices, styles and designs to choose from it can get challenging and quite frankly overwhelming. We bring you all you need to know before going shopping for the perfect gown. We talk about what questions to ask before purchasing your dress, how long before your wedding is the right time to get your dress and why wedding dresses get discounted.

What questions to ask before purchasing a wedding dress?

Do I need to make an appointment? Most wedding dress stores go by appointment only, check with the store before wasting your time. What style of gown will suit my figure? What am I willing to spend on a wedding dress? Does the wedding store offer alterations? Are there any additional costs? All these questions will give you a better understanding of what you are looking for.

How long before my wedding should I purchase my dress?

There is no set time frame when it comes to trying on wedding dresses, in fact if you ask us, we would try on as many and as often as possible. Although to give you a guide line, the ideal time is to start shopping 10 months before your due date and to then place your order 6 to 7 months before your wedding. A final fitting should be done the month before the big day to leave time for any alterations.

Why do wedding dresses get discounted?

There are various reasons for wedding dresses getting discounted. If a collection is discontinued it will usually get discounted. If a designer can no longer get the fabric, they use it could get discounted. Making space for a new dress range can also cause the price of a dress to lower. Sometimes if you ask you may get a discount. More money for the honeymoon when you receive a discount.

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