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  • Rock the Gown, Not a Frown!
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    With a lifetime of expectation and hype giving your wedding day momentum, the chances of suffering a few minor disappointments are relatively high. That is, unless you understand that no day can play out perfectly like it has done in your head. With that being said, there are a few ‘wedding hacks’ to ensure that you at least look and feel your best to deal with anything that comes your way on the special day.
  • Picking the perfect dress
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        Falling in love is a magical and beautiful event. Time to start planning your big day. Every girl’s dream is trying on those stunning gowns and picking the absolutely perfect one for you! It’s been in our minds since we were little girls, time to make it a reality. Choosing the perfect cut for you. There are hundreds of designers, thousands of stores and piles of styles. Where to start? Start by booking
  • explore your options with dresses
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    Now you are happily engaged to the man of your dreams, time to look for your wedding dress! Planning a wedding can be stressful, costly & time consuming. Picking the perfect wedding gown for your body shape & type can be daunting. Various colours, sizes, textures, beading & lace, there are thousands & to be quite honest the style you have in mind might be the exact opposite to your final design you choose. How
  • Cinderella's Collection - Cinderella's Closet
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      Cinderella’s Closet offers you that extra pinch of fairy dust to the most enchanting day of your life. We offer gowns that fit your body shape, style, colour and budget. Falling in love can be magical. Falling in love with your wedding dress should be too. Cinderella’s Closet additionally offers bridesmaids gowns, flower girl dresses, a shoe collection and accessories. Shoe Collection Cinderella’s Closet aims for perfection. We want our brides to feel comfortable
  • Wedding Rings - Cinderella's Closet
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    Just imagine, walking down a long aisle laced with strawberry pink flowers and a soft gentle breeze blowing your shimmering white dress. With absolute confidence and pride, you walk down the aisle where you reunite with the love of your life and best friend. They look at you in your beautiful wedding gown and with a gleam in their eye, they know they are ready to say…YES. We have what you need When it comes
  • flower girl prep - Cinderella's Closet
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    A lot more goes into being a flower girl than may be immediately apparent. Between the walk down the aisle, the pre-wedding parties and all the general pre-wedding fuss, the flower girl is bound to be more than a bit overwhelmed. Help prep her for the wedding by following our guide and ensure that both the bride and the flower girl are happy on the big day. Let it Become Second Nature Start practicing ‘walking
  • Wedding Shoe Collection | Cinderella’s Closet
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    Wedding gown? Check! Wedding venue? Check! Gorgeous fiancé? Big Check! Wedding shoes? Uhm… check?! Here comes the bride, all dressed in white… feet sore and swollen. Wait… that’s not how the song goes. Of course not. Let’s take a step back… get it? Step back? Because were talking about shoes? (Anyway weird and corny joke aside). Let’s take a step back to the moment when you selected the gorgeous white stiletto trimmed with shiny, glittery
  • types of wedding dresses - Cinderella's Closet
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    Wedding dress shopping – where to begin? Firstly, as a bride-to-be, you should focus on looking like the absolute best version of yourself on your wedding day. In addition, aside from your glimmering smile and bridal glow, your dress will be the main focus. All women have different body types, this is why it is extremely important to start off the wedding dress hunt process by grasping the various dress silhouettes – as well as
  • bridesmaid stress - Cinderella's Closet
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    Selecting your bridesmaids is one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make once you’ve said yes to your Prince Charming. Think of your bridesmaids as you A-Team, your X-Men (women), your support group. They are there to help make your journey to the alter as smooth as possible. Do you choose your cousin? Your varsity friends? Your childhood friend that you haven’t really seen since the high school reunion? Bae’s sister? STOP! Take