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Why Is The Wedding Dress Important?

Weddings are a special day for everyone involved as it is the union of two people, two families and two lives.

On top of this, it is a day where memories which the couple made before, are now solidified and encapsulated into this one big moment.

Where weddings, and the wedding day itself, are stressful, the important thing to focus on is that two peoples lives are going to change forever.

Cinderella’s Closet is but a small part of the wedding, supplying the bride with their dream wedding dress, designed to make the fairytale come true.

With a wide collection, Cinderella’s Closet is there to assist the pride in finding the dress they’ve always wanted.

Why is a wedding dress so important though?


The wedding dress has always been a symbol of some sorts, in the past and in the present. The way in which a wedding dress was viewed, however, has changed over time.

There wasn’t always a Cinderella Closet Collection, but, there have always been dressmakers and a need for a wedding dress.

One aspect of a wedding dress was to highlight whether or not a bride and her family came from wealth or not.

Obviously, the more luxurious a wedding dress looked, as well as the use of more expensive material, meant that a family and the bride were wealthy and demanded more respect.

In some ways, showing this off, as well as the white signifying the bride’s virginity, was more of a way of a status symbol rather than a focus on the actual wedding day itself.

Modern Day

Bridal gowns still hold similar tokens today, with the more expensive dresses being seen as something of worth and of status.

Of course, this has always been something which people have focused on.

The difference today, of course, is the number of different styles of wedding dresses there are, some designed to be functional for specific temperature conditions, while others are made to fit specific themes.

Top-quality wedding gowns today are also much more accessible than they were in the past.

Cinderella’s Closet is a good example of a wedding gown supplier who focuses on getting you a quality dress while trying to not break your budget.



Wedding Dress Preservation

The Significance

If you are proud of your wedding dress and day, keeping your wedding gown clean and maintained is something which will come off as easy.

It is quite a memory to have, with photos and videos of you, your partner and your family all together to celebrate one event, your event.

However, being able to pull out your wedding gown at any given point, to show your family, friends and even your future children, what you wore on that day, is something you can never take away.

Whether you’ve chosen to purchase your dress form the Cinderella’s Closet Collection or not, the dress holds so much meaning to a day where you tied the knot with your future.

In some ways, it would be silly not to want to keep it clean, neat and well maintained as it comes from a very special time in your life.

If you’re looking to purchase your bridal gowns in Johannesburg, a good place to start would be Cinderella’s Closet, maybe you’ll find the dress you’ve always been looking for.


Let’s face it, wedding attire is quite expensive compared to ordinary and everyday clothes, however, the love and energy of the day only come once in a lifetime.

By keeping your wedding gown spick and span, is that if you decide to sell it, it will look and feel brand new.

Being able to have an asset, which at any point you can sell at a good price, gives you more freedom in terms of when you want to buy a wedding dress from the start.

If you know that there is potential to sell it, whether it be straight away or in a few years, keeping it looking and feeling amazing is logical.

Cinderella’s Closet ensures that you are paying a fair price while also being given the quality.

This type of quality is timeless, helping you out if you ever need or want to sell your wedding dress for extra cash.

Online markets have also made it a lot easier to be able to sell a multitude of items, including bridal gowns, with convenient payment and delivery.

Get the best from Cinderella’s Closet Collection, and give yourself a choice.

The Future

Although you may not be thinking about this right now, having your bridal gown with you is also a great thing for the future.

When your children or your sibling’s kids are about to get married, you have a wedding gown which has been paid for and is still in the best condition.

It’s up to you and your family on whether you will sell it or gift it to them.

Regardless of what they will be receiving a dress which is designed with care and precision, holding its beauty forever.

Buying quality is always a guarantee that things will last longer, Cinderella’s Closet is the epitome of quality.

Why Bridesmaids Dress The Same

British Royalty Origins

The bridal gown, and bridesmaid dress, originally became a must-have when the British royalties started to pay attention to the overall wedding and spectacle.

The belief was that if the bridesmaids came dress in different attire, as well as clothes which were not as high quality as the wedding gown of the bride, they would look as if they were cheap.

Keep The Evil Away

In some cultures, the tradition of the bridesmaid dress was designed to be the same in order to keep negative spirits away from the bride and groom.

The belief was that by making the bridesmaid dresses similar in style to the bridal gowns, the evil spirits would become confused and would not be able to attack or get hold of the bride.

Keep The Kidnappers Away

Similarly to the reason of keeping the evil away, there was a time where bridesmaids would wear similarly styled dresses to the bride, in order to help the bride from being kidnapped.

The reason why the bride would be kidnapped is that one, she was a sort after woman, and two, that the probability was that she came from a wealthy family, meaning she could be held for ransom.

Making The British Royalty Look Good

On top of making your own royalty look good, the entire point of a wedding, with expensive items, including suits, the bridal gown and the bridesmaid’s dresses, is for the Royal Family.

By representing the Royal Family in this way, you are showing the class and taste of the elite.

The Bride’s Day

A major reason why bridesmaids dresses became so important was that it was used to highlight the wedding gown and the bride herself.

By making the bridesmaid dresses uniform and less attractive than the bride’s gown, then the whole day will remain the brides, rather than an overshadowing by the bridesmaids.

Keeping The Peace

Being able to keep the peace between family members and friends is to ensure that the above-mentioned focus is kept in mind, it is the bride’s day.

Cinderella’s Closet is able to provide both top quality bridal gowns as well as bridesmaids dresses, however, the goal is to always make the bride stand out, with the bridesmaids as a beautiful extension.


Having every bridesmaid in different attire, including colour, texture and shape, would just make everything look off.

As much as everyone has their own style, and style can be collaborative, the major focus is the bride and groom, it is their special day.

Making the dresses uniform will make everything is neat, more presentable and will not detract from the bridal gown.

Chaos In Choice

The amount of stress and anxiety that goes into planning and pulling off a wedding is high.

Of course, weddings should be about experiencing a special moment, however, the overall event leads to tension and nerves.

Being able to limit the nerves by ensuring that all of the bridesmaids will be in the same style of dress, will help move other plans along too.

Pretty Much, It’s What You Have To Do

Cinderella’s Closet Collection is able to provide amazing bridal gowns at a great price and even greater quality, the choice is all on the bride.

Having said this, when it comes to the role of the bridesmaid, the purpose is to make the bride look better, and it is to look neat and appealing so that the overall appearance of the wedding is uniform.

How To Better Choose What Bridesmaids Should Wear?

The Theme

When taking a look at which bridesmaid dresses will work best for the wedding, going with the overall look of the theme will help you to choose a lot of wiser.

When working with what you have, which is the theme of the wedding, being able to craft and design the bridesmaid dresses becomes easier as you have something to go off of.

On top of this, you will be ensuring that the entire look and feel of the wedding will be working together, rather than every part doing its own thing.

If the theme is based on the casino look, then black and white dresses will work amazingly for the wedding and the theme.

The Costs

When helping your bridesmaids in the selection process of buying expensive dresses which goes with the theme, be sure to think about the other costs which are linked to attending the wedding.

This helps you to prioritise each part of the planning stage, including the bridal gown and bridesmaid dresses.

You want the bridesmaid dresses to look and feel they go hand in hand with the wedding gown, however, if the costs for your bridesmaids are way too high, and out of their budget, you’re causing more stress for yourself.

It may be your day but you want everyone at the wedding to also have the best time possible.



Different Body Types

Another thing which you should take into consideration is the fact that not everyone has the same body types, meaning that you should try to ensure that the wedding dresses working for everyone involved.

This will also calm your bridesmaids who are also nervous and want to look appropriate for your wedding.

They want to make your wedding gown stand out just as much as you do, making them feel comfortable will make the memories more lasting and will make the photos more organic.

Be sure to contact Cinderella’s Closet for more information on your bridal gown and bridesmaid dress needs.


Undertones are very important as choosing a dress colour which does not suit the skin tones of the bridesmaids will make them stand out, and not in a positive way.

Look into colours which work well with a variety of undertones as this helps make photos look better and gives your bridesmaids a sense that you care about their appearance as well.


Finally, ensuring that the bridesmaids are as comfortable as possible makes everything feel far simpler and calmer.

On top of this, providing bridesmaid dresses which are made for more than one weather condition will help them to be more dynamic during your special day.

In a country such as South Africa, the weather can change in an instant, ensure that your guests have clothes for a rainy or sunny day.

This tip also goes for the bride as having a wedding gown which is dynamic will help keep your mind on the day rather than on feeling uncomfortable.

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