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Before You Choose Your Wedding Dress…

Why Is The Wedding Dress Important?

Weddings are a special day for everyone involved as it is the union of two people, two families and two lives.

On top of this, it is a day where memories which the couple made before, are now solidified and encapsulated into this one big moment.

Where weddings, and the wedding day itself, are stressful, the important thing to focus on is that two peoples lives are going to change forever.

Cinderella’s Closet is but a small part of the wedding, supplying the bride with their dream wedding dress, designed to make the fairytale come true.

With a wide collection, Cinderella’s Closet is there to assist the pride in finding the dress they’ve always wanted.

Why is a wedding dress so important though?


The wedding dress has always been a symbol of some sorts, in the past and in the present. The way in which a wedding dress was viewed, however, has changed over time.

There wasn’t always a Cinderella Closet Collection, but, there have always been dressmakers and a need for a wedding dress.

One aspect of a wedding dress was to highlight whether or not a bride and her family came from wealth or not.

Obviously, the more luxurious a wedding dress looked, as well as the use of more expensive material, meant that a family and the bride were wealthy and demanded more respect.

In some ways, showing this off, as well as the white signifying the bride’s virginity, was more of a way of a status symbol rather than a focus on the actual wedding day itself.

Modern Day

Bridal gowns still hold similar tokens today, with the more expensive dresses being seen as something of worth and of status.

Of course, this has always been something which people have focused on.

The difference today, of course, is the number of different styles of wedding dresses there are, some designed to be functional for specific temperature conditions, while others are made to fit specific themes.

Top-quality wedding gowns today are also much more accessible than they were in the past.

Cinderella’s Closet is a good example of a wedding gown supplier who focuses on getting you a quality dress while trying to not break your budget.



Wedding Dress Preservation

The Significance

If you are proud of your wedding dress and day, keeping your wedding gown clean and maintained is something which will come off as easy.

It is quite a memory to have, with photos and videos of you, your partner and your family all together to celebrate one event, your event.

However, being able to pull out your wedding gown at any given point, to show your family, friends and even your future children, what you wore on that day, is something you can never take away.

Whether you’ve chosen to purchase your dress form the Cinderella’s Closet Collection or not, the dress holds so much meaning to a day where you tied the knot with your future.

In some ways, it would be silly not to want to keep it clean, neat and well maintained as it comes from a very special time in your life.

If you’re looking to purchase your bridal gowns in Johannesburg, a good place to start would be Cinderella’s Closet, maybe you’ll find the dress you’ve always been looking for.


Let’s face it, wedding attire is quite expensive compared to ordinary and everyday clothes, however, the love and energy of the day only come once in a lifetime.

By keeping your wedding gown spick and span, is that if you decide to sell it, it will look and feel brand new.

Being able to have an asset, which at any point you can sell at a good price, gives you more freedom in terms of when you want to buy a wedding dress from the start.

If you know that there is potential to sell it, whether it be straight away or in a few years, keeping it looking and feeling amazing is logical.

Cinderella’s Closet ensures that you are paying a fair price while also being given the quality.

This type of quality is timeless, helping you out if you ever need or want to sell your wedding dress for extra cash.

Online markets have also made it a lot easier to be able to sell a multitude of items, including bridal gowns, with convenient payment and delivery.

Get the best from Cinderella’s Closet Collection, and give yourself a choice.

The Future

Although you may not be thinking about this right now, having your bridal gown with you is also a great thing for the future.

When your children or your sibling’s kids are about to get married, you have a wedding gown which has been paid for and is still in the best condition.

It’s up to you and your family on whether you will sell it or gift it to them.

Regardless of what they will be receiving a dress which is designed with care and precision, holding its beauty forever.

Buying quality is always a guarantee that things will last longer, Cinderella’s Closet is the epitome of quality.

Why Bridesmaids Dress The Same

British Royalty Origins

The bridal gown, and bridesmaid dress, originally became a must-have when the British royalties started to pay attention to the overall wedding and spectacle.

The belief was that if the bridesmaids came dress in different attire, as well as clothes which were not as high quality as the wedding gown of the bride, they would look as if they were cheap.

Keep The Evil Away

In some cultures, the tradition of the bridesmaid dress was designed to be the same in order to keep negative spirits away from the bride and groom.

The belief was that by making the bridesmaid dresses similar in style to the bridal gowns, the evil spirits would become confused and would not be able to attack or get hold of the bride.

Keep The Kidnappers Away

Similarly to the reason of keeping the evil away, there was a time where bridesmaids would wear similarly styled dresses to the bride, in order to help the bride from being kidnapped.

The reason why the bride would be kidnapped is that one, she was a sort after woman, and two, that the probability was that she came from a wealthy family, meaning she could be held for ransom.

Making The British Royalty Look Good

On top of making your own royalty look good, the entire point of a wedding, with expensive items, including suits, the bridal gown and the bridesmaid’s dresses, is for the Royal Family.

By representing the Royal Family in this way, you are showing the class and taste of the elite.

The Bride’s Day

A major reason why bridesmaids dresses became so important was that it was used to highlight the wedding gown and the bride herself.

By making the bridesmaid dresses uniform and less attractive than the bride’s gown, then the whole day will remain the brides, rather than an overshadowing by the bridesmaids.

Keeping The Peace

Being able to keep the peace between family members and friends is to ensure that the above-mentioned focus is kept in mind, it is the bride’s day.

Cinderella’s Closet is able to provide both top quality bridal gowns as well as bridesmaids dresses, however, the goal is to always make the bride stand out, with the bridesmaids as a beautiful extension.


Having every bridesmaid in different attire, including colour, texture and shape, would just make everything look off.

As much as everyone has their own style, and style can be collaborative, the major focus is the bride and groom, it is their special day.

Making the dresses uniform will make everything is neat, more presentable and will not detract from the bridal gown.

Chaos In Choice

The amount of stress and anxiety that goes into planning and pulling off a wedding is high.

Of course, weddings should be about experiencing a special moment, however, the overall event leads to tension and nerves.

Being able to limit the nerves by ensuring that all of the bridesmaids will be in the same style of dress, will help move other plans along too.

Pretty Much, It’s What You Have To Do

Cinderella’s Closet Collection is able to provide amazing bridal gowns at a great price and even greater quality, the choice is all on the bride.

Having said this, when it comes to the role of the bridesmaid, the purpose is to make the bride look better, and it is to look neat and appealing so that the overall appearance of the wedding is uniform.

How To Better Choose What Bridesmaids Should Wear?

The Theme

When taking a look at which bridesmaid dresses will work best for the wedding, going with the overall look of the theme will help you to choose a lot of wiser.

When working with what you have, which is the theme of the wedding, being able to craft and design the bridesmaid dresses becomes easier as you have something to go off of.

On top of this, you will be ensuring that the entire look and feel of the wedding will be working together, rather than every part doing its own thing.

If the theme is based on the casino look, then black and white dresses will work amazingly for the wedding and the theme.

The Costs

When helping your bridesmaids in the selection process of buying expensive dresses which goes with the theme, be sure to think about the other costs which are linked to attending the wedding.

This helps you to prioritise each part of the planning stage, including the bridal gown and bridesmaid dresses.

You want the bridesmaid dresses to look and feel they go hand in hand with the wedding gown, however, if the costs for your bridesmaids are way too high, and out of their budget, you’re causing more stress for yourself.

It may be your day but you want everyone at the wedding to also have the best time possible.



Different Body Types

Another thing which you should take into consideration is the fact that not everyone has the same body types, meaning that you should try to ensure that the wedding dresses working for everyone involved.

This will also calm your bridesmaids who are also nervous and want to look appropriate for your wedding.

They want to make your wedding gown stand out just as much as you do, making them feel comfortable will make the memories more lasting and will make the photos more organic.

Be sure to contact Cinderella’s Closet for more information on your bridal gown and bridesmaid dress needs.


Undertones are very important as choosing a dress colour which does not suit the skin tones of the bridesmaids will make them stand out, and not in a positive way.

Look into colours which work well with a variety of undertones as this helps make photos look better and gives your bridesmaids a sense that you care about their appearance as well.


Finally, ensuring that the bridesmaids are as comfortable as possible makes everything feel far simpler and calmer.

On top of this, providing bridesmaid dresses which are made for more than one weather condition will help them to be more dynamic during your special day.

In a country such as South Africa, the weather can change in an instant, ensure that your guests have clothes for a rainy or sunny day.

This tip also goes for the bride as having a wedding gown which is dynamic will help keep your mind on the day rather than on feeling uncomfortable.

Contact Cinderella’s Closet For More Information

If you are looking for the best bridal gown for your wedding, helping to make your wedding day even more special, contact Cinderella’s Closet.

The Things No One Tells You about the Wedding Day

Regardless of the number of weddings, you have attended, or how many ugly bridesmaids dresses you have worn, there are certain things you just never find out until it is your big day.

Talk to anyone who has been married before, and they will tell you that your wedding day goes back in a flash. You will be so busy chatting with the family and dancing with your friends that before you know it, you will be cutting the cake and saying your goodbyes. You may already know that an emergency kit always comes in handy, that it is almost impossible to go to the loo in your wedding dress, and always, always pack stain remover.  But aside from all of the general logistics, there are so many intangible, special moments that make up the big day itself. Below are some truths about the big day that is not always mentioned.

  1. The most nerve-racking part is right before the ceremony

Those few minutes that feel like hours right before you walk down the aisle will feel like the most nerve-racking few minutes of your life. And with good reason, you are about to make a huge life-altering decision in front of all of the people you love and care about the most. Just keep in mind that your partner is patiently waiting for you at the end of all of this and you are most probably going to party the night away and needless to say, the reason you said yes in the first place.

  1. The ceremony is the best part of it all

There is just something truly special about the actual ceremony. The vows, the traditions, and all the emotional friends and family members help to make it one of the most special moments of your entire life. If we had to give you some advice, Take it all in and drink it up. You will want each and every memory to last forever.

  1. You are most probably going to cry

This one is not really that much of a secret, as crying on the big day is basically inevitable. And since you are already aware that there will be waterworks, the best thing to do is to make sure that you are prepared for them. Keep the tissues, handy, and make sure the bride is wearing waterproof everything, and keep some lipstick and mascara close by for touch-ups.

  1. Your face is going to hurt from all the smiling

The hundreds of photos aside, you are going to be smiling all day as it is going to be the most amazing day of your life. You are getting married to your best friend! Between finally making your union “official” and dancing the night away with all of your closest friends and family members, you will literally have no reason to frown.

  1. You will be amazed by the level of love and support you receive

All of your loved ones will show up for a reason, and that reason is you! And your soon to be spouse will get everyone’s attention. You might even struggle to eat dinner, as there will be so many pictures to take and so many friends and family members to talk to. Between the side punches from your work friends and the pinches on the cheek from your grandma, you will be overcome by endless love and support.

  1. You may want a little alone time

In fact, you might become a little overwhelmed with emotions that you may need to take a few moments for yourself or just for the two of you. Some of the most special moment and memories are the very few that you get to spend alone with your spouse, preparing for what is about to come and just taking it all in.    

  1. You are going to be exhausted

Let’s just face it, you are most probably not going to get much sleep the night before the big day, you will be thinking about a tiff you had with your mom if the seating chart will work out or just the overall excitement of the day to come, but you will be lacking a good night’s rest. Under-eye concealer is a must to have close by.

  1. Unfortunately, not everything is going to go as planned

In most cases, there is bound to be something that goes wrong on the day. It could be something minor or it could be huge, but the best advice we could give a bride is to push through it and make the best out of any situation. After all, it is not so much about the day being perfect as it is about you and your spouse making your commitment to one another.

  1. The most magical moment will pop up when you least expect it to

Very often, the most magical time of your day, or weekend, is when you do not expect it at all. A hug from your dad, a stolen moment with your new spouse, or an impromptu speech from your best friend from high school could end up being the moment you remember the best.

  1. You will feel different


Even if you and your soon-to-be spouse have been living together for years, once you are legally married, you will get that sense of it actually being official. It could be a noticeable change or just a sight shirt, but it will feel like the real thing because now it is!

Need some reasons to help convince your future spouse that you need a big wedding? Well here they are

  • Big families that are impossible to cut: Maybe your spouse is close to all of their cousins or you have five siblings. Sometimes you simply cannot cut big families from the guest list. Embrace this! Invite all of your close and extended family members for a day and memories that you all can cherish forever. By including everyone in your big day, you will be guarding against any hurt feelings, or anyone feeling left out.
  • You and your spouse have been together for a while: If you and your spouse have been dating since you were 16, or you have had a long engagement, having a big wedding could be the way to go. Over a long courtship or engagement, many friends and family members have been there, supported you, and invested in your relationship. An invitation to your wedding will be a nice gesture in order to honour their support and encouragement over the years, even if this results in a huge guest list.
  • If you enjoy dancing: If you love to break it down on the dance floor and get the party started, then you most probably thrive in an energetic environment with people everywhere. Well then, you should go for it, get the DJ and invite all of your friends and family members to enjoy a party they will never forget with you.
  • If you enjoy being the host/hostess: Do you enjoy welcoming and greeting people and catching up with your old friends? Are you good at making small talk? Put all of your social skills to work at a big wedding, where you can manage playing host/hostess to a room full of guests. Not everyone enjoys being the centre of attention and making the crowd feel welcome, so if this is your area of expertise, then a big wedding is right up your alley.
  • If it works with your budget: When it comes to money matters, it is a personal topic, but budget is definitely going to be a factor you need to consider if you are planning a big wedding. Accommodation a big guest list is going to add up, from wedding favours to plated meals and everything in between, there are quite a few costs involved with a large crowd.

Is all of this sounding familiar? Having a big wedding could be the best choice you can make. But what matters most is the wedding size that most suits you and your spouse to be.

Below are some reasons to get married before your actual wedding day

Some people have been dreaming about their perfect wedding day since they were 10. Others just see the wedding day as a civil recognition of the marriage contract and want to get it over and done with as soon as possible. But there are also those who fall in the middle of these two. These people do not want to spend an arm and a leg on the wedding but they also have a vision of their white dress and having all of their friends and family come together to celebrate the marriage.


The less you stress, the less other people have to deal with a “bridezilla”

If you have said your vows beforehand and had your day alone with your spouse to celebrate your marriage, so much less hinges on the actual wedding day. All of a sudden, things do not have to be absolutely picture perfect. Your actual wedding day will just be a relaxed day to party and enjoy the company of your loved ones.

Planning the perfect wedding day can be extremely stressful, and it can lead to many sleepless nights and panic attacks. But if you remove all of the expectations, it becomes a day of enjoyment and celebration.

Your friends will probably be happier too. If the bride is calm and relaxed during the whole wedding planning process, chances are, everyone else will be calm and relaxed too. Your bridesmaids all love you (we hope), so they are not going to tell you that you are busy driving them up the wall with dress requirements, detail-filled emails and so on.

It may clear your prospective to take the focus off marriage for the wedding day, and this will allow you to focus on throwing a shindig that everyone can enjoy with you. As for the bridesmaids, you will find that you are no longer freaking out that their dresses are not the exact same shade as each other.

Regardless of whether you go big or small on your wedding day, it will always be a day you will never forget. Here are a few tips to try in order to enjoy your special day:

  • Wake up refreshed. Even though it is almost impossible to fall asleep the night before the big day, try to go to bed at a reasonable hour and stay hydrated.
  • Have a breakfast that is high in complex carbs and protein. This type of meal will take some time to break down in your body and it will help to keep you going.
  • Ensure that you have ample time to get ready. You want your wedding day to be relaxed and you will want to be able to have a good time with your bridesmaids while getting ready, and not stress over the fact that there are only 15 minutes left and there are still 3 bridesmaids without make-up on.
  • If you bought new shoes to wear on the wedding day, make sure that you wear them in before the big day. There is nothing worse than trying to enjoy your wedding day but your feet are in agony.
  • Always remember to pack a wedding day survival kit. The typical wedding day survival kit includes a first aid kit, tampons, stain remover, a pen, headache tablets and anything else that might help you fix a minor emergency.

At Cinderella’s Closet, we offer a wide range of beautiful wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses, flower girl dresses and more. For more information, visit our website on


Deciding on a wedding dress for your big day.

With so many choices, styles and designs to choose from it can get challenging and quite frankly overwhelming. We bring you all you need to know before going shopping for the perfect gown. We talk about what questions to ask before purchasing your dress, how long before your wedding is the right time to get your dress and why wedding dresses get discounted.

What questions to ask before purchasing a wedding dress?

Do I need to make an appointment? Most wedding dress stores go by appointment only, check with the store before wasting your time. What style of gown will suit my figure? What am I willing to spend on a wedding dress? Does the wedding store offer alterations? Are there any additional costs? All these questions will give you a better understanding of what you are looking for.

How long before my wedding should I purchase my dress?

There is no set time frame when it comes to trying on wedding dresses, in fact if you ask us, we would try on as many and as often as possible. Although to give you a guide line, the ideal time is to start shopping 10 months before your due date and to then place your order 6 to 7 months before your wedding. A final fitting should be done the month before the big day to leave time for any alterations.

Why do wedding dresses get discounted?

There are various reasons for wedding dresses getting discounted. If a collection is discontinued it will usually get discounted. If a designer can no longer get the fabric, they use it could get discounted. Making space for a new dress range can also cause the price of a dress to lower. Sometimes if you ask you may get a discount. More money for the honeymoon when you receive a discount.

Contact Cinderella’s Closet to arrange a fitting.

Give us a call to assist in setting up an appointment on 082 906 0366, or visit our website for additional information on our variety at Cinderella’s Closet or pop us a mail .

Rock the Gown, Not a Frown!

With a lifetime of expectation and hype giving your wedding day momentum, the chances of suffering a few minor disappointments are relatively high. That is, unless you understand that no day can play out perfectly like it has done in your head. With that being said, there are a few ‘wedding hacks’ to ensure that you at least look and feel your best to deal with anything that comes your way on the special day.

Get Those ZZZ’s

There are two things that are out when it comes to bridal looks: ‘bride-zillas’ and ‘the zombie bride’. A lack of sleep will certainly lead you into the role of either one, or worse still, a frightening combination of both. The night before your wedding is not the time to be worrying about all the finicky details. It is a night to rest and truly get that beauty sleep, with everything prepared well in advance.

Fluidity Needs Fluids

To be adaptable and ready-for-anything on your day, be sure to drink plenty of water the day before and the day of. Being dehydrated will leave you looking, feeling and even interacting, well, dry! Water is also one of the best ways to combat puffiness; that includes those undesirable under-the-eye bags.

The Dress is Everything

What is true to the fantasy is that stepping out in a dress that accentuates you and makes you feel beautiful will be one of the biggest moments of your life. It is important to ensure that you have done extensive dress shopping which has led you to the perfect dress and the perfect accessories. Ensure that your dress is kept somewhere safe so that there are no mishaps before it’s your time to shine!

Looking for Bridal Gowns in Johannesburg?

Look no further! Cinderella’s Closet has a selection of exquisite wedding gowns that are sure to give you an elegant edge that suits both your budget and your own unique style. Visit their website or contact them for more info.

Picking the perfect dress for your big day



Falling in love is a magical and beautiful event. Time to start planning your big day. Every girl’s dream is trying on those stunning gowns and picking the absolutely perfect one for you! It’s been in our minds since we were little girls, time to make it a reality.

Choosing the perfect cut for you.

There are hundreds of designers, thousands of stores and piles of styles. Where to start? Start by booking that first appointment, it totally helps if they serve champagne, it’s worth celebrating. You always had that one design in mind that you loved, try that one on first and then compare all the others to that first dress. Your mind will change many times and you most likely will pick a dress you would never try out.

Our advice, try them all on, as many styles as you can, boob tube, sweet heart neck line, Ball gown, thin straps, wedding dresses with a train or even mermaid styles. Go crazy over dresses, after all you generally only get married once.

Things to remember.

All stores have rules and regulations. With such variety in dresses, dress stores normally only keep one size in each dress, allowing you to choose your wedding dress and then get it ordered or altered, remember this takes time. If a store kept all dresses in all styles for every designer it would be havoc.

Some bridal stores allow you to try on dresses by appointment only. This is professional and gives them a chance to have their full attention all on you. You are the star of the show!

More often than not sample dresses are not for sale therefore if you love a dress it may have to be ordered for you.

Do they offer more than just wedding gowns?

What better way to shop than to have all you need in one place; I call that convenient? A bridal shop with wedding dresses, flower girl dresses, bridesmaid dresses, veil’s, accessories and shoes. The world is your oyster, you can mix and match as you please. Go have a ball and try them all.

Contact Cinderella’s Closet for all your bridal needs.

If you would like to arrange a fitting, give Cinderella’s Closet a call to assist in setting up an appointment on 082 906 0366, or visit our website for additional information.

Picking a dress for your fairy-tale wedding? Let’s explore your options.

Now you are happily engaged to the man of your dreams, time to look for your wedding dress! Planning a wedding can be stressful, costly & time consuming. Picking the perfect wedding gown for your body shape & type can be daunting.

Various colours, sizes, textures, beading & lace, there are thousands & to be quite honest the style you have in mind might be the exact opposite to your final design you choose.

How to pick the right bridal store?

You want to try on as many styles as possible to figure out which dress complements your body & which to stay away from, after all it’s a huge decision & you only get married once.

It helps having a professional to assist not only with choosing your wedding dress but helping you try them on the right way with the correct veil, accessories & shoes.

Where to try on wedding dresses?

When trying on wedding dresses, bridal shower dresses or flower girl dresses, the main idea is to get all you need in one place, convenience for everyone is key! The more variety to pick from is a plus! Helpful & friendly staff always make your experience worthwhile.


Do they offer alterations in store?

Remember this is your special day, that wedding dress needs to fit snug & perfect. Check with the store manager if they do alterations. Once you have bought the dress, this will give you peace of mind that your dress can be altered to your liking.


Contact Cinderella’s Closet to arrange a fitting.

Give us a call to assist in set up an appointment on 082 906 0366, or visit our website for additional information on our variety at Cinderella’s Closet.

Cinderella’s Collection


Cinderella’s Closet offers you that extra pinch of fairy dust to the most enchanting day of your life. We offer gowns that fit your body shape, style, colour and budget. Falling in love can be magical. Falling in love with your wedding dress should be too. Cinderella’s Closet additionally offers bridesmaids gowns, flower girl dresses, a shoe collection and accessories.

Shoe Collection

Cinderella’s Closet aims for perfection. We want our brides to feel comfortable and look classy at the same time. We offer everything your heart desires from flat (ballet pumps) to low heel, medium-height and high heels. We stock a wide range of stylish wedding shoes that will compliment you and your wedding day. Our selection includes shoes covered with lace, satin with lace, lace with bling or stain with bling.


Cinderella’s Closet has a large range of chic and classy bridal accessories. This includes plain veils or beaded veils which are available in hip length or cathedral length. Our bridal accessories also include elegantly waved, pearl white bride’s maid’s flower baskets, laced garnets, studded clutch bags and souvenirs for your guest.

Contact Us

We look forward to meeting you and making your dream dress come true. To view Cinderella’s Closet Collection or to find out more about Cinderella’s Closet visit our website.

It’s all about your day

Just imagine, walking down a long aisle laced with strawberry pink flowers and a soft gentle breeze blowing your shimmering white dress.

With absolute confidence and pride, you walk down the aisle where you reunite with the love of your life and best friend.

They look at you in your beautiful wedding gown and with a gleam in their eye, they know they are ready to say…YES.

We have what you need

When it comes to choosing your perfect dress, we have what you need. There is a wide selection of wedding gowns that are designed specifically to fit your needs. These are some of the dress specifications we have to offer, which include: mermaid fit and flair, A-line styles, vintage look, ball gowns, empire and fitted gowns with a soft flowy skirt.

Each dress is crafted from the high quality fabrics and laces and each dress has been elegant finishes that help your dress sparkle in sunlight. As a bridal gown supplier to Johannesburg we ensure each dress that the bride chooses, meets their every need. Which can include beaded belts, tiaras, shoes, necklaces and more.

Feeling confident

There is nothing better than walking down the aisle, feeling like the only one in the world walking towards their only one.

Having a wedding gown that makes you feel like the queen of the world is what we aim to do. We customize your dress the way you want it, to ensure you feel your absolute best on this absolutely spectacular day.

Making sure that each bride has the undivided attention that they deserve, to make sure that each bride leaves with their dream wedding dress.

Are you ready to start the best day of your life?

We are ready to help you find your perfect wedding dress and if you’re ready to choose us, contact Cinderella’s Closet at:  071 206 2776 or email us at: To get all the information you need for your next wedding dress.

Flower Girl Prep 101

A lot more goes into being a flower girl than may be immediately apparent. Between the walk down the aisle, the pre-wedding parties and all the general pre-wedding fuss, the flower girl is bound to be more than a bit overwhelmed. Help prep her for the wedding by following our guide and ensure that both the bride and the flower girl are happy on the big day.
Let it Become Second Nature
Start practicing ‘walking down the aisle’ well before the wedding day. The more confidence the flower girl has, and the more practice she’s had, the more comfortable she will be on the day. If she’s particularly young, try walking with her a few times to build her confidence. Then have her show you how she can do it on her own. Older flower girls should catch on more quickly, but it might take several practice sessions for the younger ones to perfect their walk and any additional actions.
Hair & Makeup
In most cases, the bridal party will have at least one day in the salon to prepare. Ask if the flower girl can go with too. Even if the stylist only brushes her hair and pretends to do some make-up, it will help her feel like a part of the whole experience. If the flower girl is wearing a ring of flowers in her hair, ensure that it is secure and won’t fall over her as she walks along.
The Rehearsal
Sometime close to the wedding day, the flower girl will likely participate in the rehearsal. She might very well be intimidated by the attention and the hype, so be sure to reassure her that it’s going to be just fine and that there’s nothing to worry about. Walk her down the aisle once or twice if she’s uncomfortable, this will help her to get into it.
Make it Fun
Lastly, have fun! It’s a joyous day after all, and no one is going to be upset if there is a mistake here and there. Reassure the flower girl that no matter what, she can’t really do much wrong. Let her know that she is special for being chosen for the role of flower girl, and that all she needs to do is her best.

Situated in Germiston, Johannesburg, Cinderella’s Closet is owned and managed by Dianne Smith. Dianne is happily married with two beautiful children, so she understands the importance of choosing the perfect ensemble for your wedding day. Contact Cinderella’s Closet for all things bridal, including flower girl dresses.

Preparing for Your Wedding Day: If the Shoe Fits…

Wedding gown? Check!

Wedding venue? Check!

Gorgeous fiancé? Big Check!

Wedding shoes? Uhm… check?!

Here comes the bride, all dressed in white… feet sore and swollen. Wait… that’s not how the song goes. Of course not. Let’s take a step back… get it? Step back? Because were talking about shoes? (Anyway weird and corny joke aside).

Let’s take a step back to the moment when you selected the gorgeous white stiletto trimmed with shiny, glittery rhinestones to complement your off-the-shoulder, Morilee Blu mermaid dress, with a sweetheart neckline. They are gorgeous aren’t they? But the question is… Are they comfortable? Chance are, not really. Choosing the right shoes for your wedding day is very important.

Let’s look at the 5 commandments for choosing wedding day shoes.

1st Commandment: “Thou shalt not pick beauty over comfort”

Comfort should be the biggest factor when choosing your wedding shoes. This is simply because, there is a big chance that you’re going to be wearing these shoes the whole day. As a bride you want everything to be perfect or as close to perfect as possible on your big day, you don’t want to appear as doing the lean-back-waddle as you limp down the aisle, and let’s not get started on the photos, awkwardly smiling for the photos as you endure foot aches. Ouch!

2nd Commandment: “Thou shalt test thy shoes”

You’ve picked your shoes and you’ve paced a few steps back and forth, but in all honesty, this is far from being sufficient. Considering the fact that you will be wearing your wedding shoes throughout the whole day. You will have to walk down the aisle, stand for the vows, take photos and still dance during the reception. The test is simple, walk in your shoes for more than just a few seconds, try walking up a flight of stairs. Walk around on different surfaces, like the grass, the carpet, the wooden floor and of course, tiles. You don’t want to slip and fall on your wedding day, now, do you? Stand for a while whilst wearing them. If you and your hubby will be doing a little dance number, practice dancing in your shoes.

3rd Commandment: “Thou shalt choose shoes that can be worn more than once”

Finding a pair of shoes that not only looks good, but feels good as well is important. Not only that, they should also be durable. Choose shoes that you can be able to wear more than once. A pair that you can still wear to other occasions after the big day.

4th Commandment: “Thou shalt account for the weather and environment”

If you choose to say I do in an outdoor ceremony, on the sand or maybe on the grass, consider the fact that there may be a possibility of rain, this equates mud. Therefore, selecting something a little more practical like a wedge over a stiletto is advisable.




5th Commandment: “Thy personality and Style is key”

Don’t let your personality and sense of style get lost in the whole process. Stay true to you. If you like more bling or an off-white, ivory colour rather than the traditional white; go for it. It is your day after all.

If you’re not a stiletto person try a kitten heel. On the other end of the spectrum if you’re more of a 9inch stiletto, any day, all day type of girl, go for it. Whatever type of wedding day shoes you’re looking for, the friendly representatives at Cinderella’s Closet will be able to help you select your perfect shoes.


Types of Wedding Dresses

Wedding dress shopping – where to begin? Firstly, as a bride-to-be, you should focus on looking like the absolute best version of yourself on your wedding day. In addition, aside from your glimmering smile and bridal glow, your dress will be the main focus.

All women have different body types, this is why it is extremely important to start off the wedding dress hunt process by grasping the various dress silhouettes – as well as which body types they suite best. Let’s have a look at the various wedding gown silhouettes below:

Ball Gown

Commonly known as the fairy tale dress, with a fitted bodice and flairs at just above the waist with a full skirt. This gown is ideal for most body types, however looks the best on pear shaped body types, as it hides the lower body. Ball gowns are not fitting for petites; the skirt may be too overwhelming on a small frame.

A-line Resembling the silhouette of an uppercase “A”, these dresses have a fitted bodice to the waist and flows to the ground. A-line gowns are ideal for all body types.

Modified A-line – The skirt of these wedding gowns fits closer to the body than traditional A-line dresses. They are fitted on the hips and bodice, gradually flaring to the hem. These wedding dresses are ideal for all body types.

Trumpet – Contoured through the body and flaring at mid-thigh, this cut is between a modified A-line and mermaid cut. Trumpet gowns are best suited for frames with small waists, such as the hourglass.

Mermaid – Fitted on the bodice from the chest to the knee, then flares out by the knee. These gowns are ideal for slim frames as well as hourglass body types who are prepared to show off their curves.

Sheath – Narrow shaped gown that flows straight down from the neckline to the hem, sheath gowns are ideal for lean framed body types. These dresses are also suitable on hourglass figures willing to show off their curves, but not on pear shaped body types as this dress with accentuate inches and could be unflattering.

If you are searching for the perfect wedding dress, visit Cinderella’s Closet for a wide range of gowns. Enquire online today for more information!


Don’t stress yourself out deciding who should be your bridesmaid. Your wedding day should be about you after all.

Selecting your bridesmaids is one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make once you’ve said yes to your Prince Charming. Think of your bridesmaids as you A-Team, your X-Men (women), your support group. They are there to help make your journey to the alter as smooth as possible.

Do you choose your cousin? Your varsity friends? Your childhood friend that you haven’t really seen since the high school reunion? Bae’s sister? STOP! Take a deep breath. Choosing the people who will stand next to you as you say “I do” to that drop-dead handsome hunk that is your soon-to-be husband seems like a daunting task, but don’t fret, we’ll help you navigate through this important part.

The rules are simple.

Rule #1: Think twice. Ask once.

Once you have asked cousin Gertrude (or anyone else for that matter) to be your bridesmaid, then that’s it. You can’t take it back. You cannot simply change your mind. As the kids say: “No Backsies!”. It might seem like a great idea to ask all your friends, sisters and cousins the second you get that diamond on your finger, it’s not! The best thing you can do is to give yourself time. One of the questions you should ask yourself during this process is… “Will I still be close to this person 10 years from now?” And if you’re on the fence about asking someone, them rather not. Trust your instincts.

Rule #2: Honesty is the Best Policy

What role do you want your bridesmaids to play in the planning of the wedding? Are they required to buy their own bridesmaids dresses? Are they required to attend all pre-wedding day parties? Will they be going wedding dress shopping with you? If you would like to have bridesmaids that are hands-on then it’s not the best ides to choose someone who lives far. Leave out friends who are unable to commit for any reason.

Rule #3: Family Matters

Yes, mom is right. Choose your sister to be one of the bridesmaids, even if you’re not very close. The reason for this is, your sister will be in your life well past your 20-year anniversary and asking her to be part of your X-Men (women) might bring you ladies closer. If you come from a big family and can’t possibly ask all your sisters to be bridesmaids, ask some of them to be part of the wedding by having them read your favourite love poem.

Once you’ve selected, you’re A-Team, the next step will be to shop for their bridesmaids’ dresses. Contact a consultant at Cinderella’s Closet for your unique bridesmaid dresses.