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Flower Girl Prep 101

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A lot more goes into being a flower girl than may be immediately apparent. Between the walk down the aisle, the pre-wedding parties and all the general pre-wedding fuss, the flower girl is bound to be more than a bit overwhelmed. Help prep her for the wedding by following our guide and ensure that both the bride and the flower girl are happy on the big day.
Let it Become Second Nature
Start practicing ‘walking down the aisle’ well before the wedding day. The more confidence the flower girl has, and the more practice she’s had, the more comfortable she will be on the day. If she’s particularly young, try walking with her a few times to build her confidence. Then have her show you how she can do it on her own. Older flower girls should catch on more quickly, but it might take several practice sessions for the younger ones to perfect their walk and any additional actions.
Hair & Makeup
In most cases, the bridal party will have at least one day in the salon to prepare. Ask if the flower girl can go with too. Even if the stylist only brushes her hair and pretends to do some make-up, it will help her feel like a part of the whole experience. If the flower girl is wearing a ring of flowers in her hair, ensure that it is secure and won’t fall over her as she walks along.
The Rehearsal
Sometime close to the wedding day, the flower girl will likely participate in the rehearsal. She might very well be intimidated by the attention and the hype, so be sure to reassure her that it’s going to be just fine and that there’s nothing to worry about. Walk her down the aisle once or twice if she’s uncomfortable, this will help her to get into it.
Make it Fun
Lastly, have fun! It’s a joyous day after all, and no one is going to be upset if there is a mistake here and there. Reassure the flower girl that no matter what, she can’t really do much wrong. Let her know that she is special for being chosen for the role of flower girl, and that all she needs to do is her best.

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