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Designer Wedding Dresses

Just imagine, walking down a long aisle laced with strawberry pink flowers and a soft gentle breeze blowing your shimmering white dress.

With absolute confidence and pride, you walk down the aisle where you reunite with the love of your life and best friend.

They look at you in your beautiful wedding gown and with a gleam in their eye, they know they are ready to say…YES.

We have what you need

When it comes to choosing your perfect dress, we have what you need. There is a wide selection of wedding gowns that are designed specifically to fit your needs. These are some of the dress specifications we have to offer, which include: mermaid fit and flair, A-line styles, vintage look, ball gowns, empire and fitted gowns with a soft flowy skirt.

Each dress is crafted from the high quality fabrics and laces and each dress has been elegant finishes that help your dress sparkle in sunlight. As a bridal gown supplier to Johannesburg we ensure each dress that the bride chooses, meets their every need. Which can include beaded belts, tiaras, shoes, necklaces and more.

Feeling confident

There is nothing better than walking down the aisle, feeling like the only one in the world walking towards their only one.

Having a wedding gown that makes you feel like the queen of the world is what we aim to do. We customize your dress the way you want it, to ensure you feel your absolute best on this absolutely spectacular day.

Making sure that each bride has the undivided attention that they deserve, to make sure that each bride leaves with their dream wedding dress.

Are you ready to start the best day of your life?

We are ready to help you find your perfect wedding dress and if you’re ready to choose us, contact Cinderella’s Closet at:  071 206 2776 or email us at: To get all the information you need for your next wedding dress.